In September 2020, we will be launching a church in the heart of Vancouver.


We are envisioning a church centred around:


As a team, we share a deep conviction to prioritize the thoughtful teaching of God’s Word. We will commit to the careful exposition of scripture through sermons, small group studies, and online content — all with the goal of making scripture accessible and applicable to our community.


As a community shaped by the way of Jesus, we desire to be filled by the Spirit, empowered through His presence, and operating in all the gifts He gives for the benefit of the church and the healing of the world. We will invite people into an experience of the Holy Spirit through dynamic corporate worship, meaningful prayer ministry, and opportunities for spiritual gifts to be practiced within the community.


More than weekly gatherings, our desire is to grow authentic, faithful, life-giving communities that practice the way of Jesus together within the wider city. In an isolated and lonely world, we will create a church that is more like a family than a loosely affiliated network because our conviction is that discipleship happens best within the context of committed community.


The liturgical rhythms of our church will help reorient our lives around the way of Jesus. We will emphasis the practice of spiritual disciplines: prayer and fasting, submission and sabbath, study and solitude, generosity, celebration and service, to name a few.


Focus & Mission

Reach People Far From God

Reach as many people as possible with the Gospel and participating with God in the renewal of all things. We will accomplish this through: A strategic use of Alpha, mobilizing our congregation as missionaries who are called by God to serve the city, and joining with others to address the issues of poverty and brokenness prevalent in Vancouver.

Engage Youth and Young Adults

As church engagement amongst millennials and Gen Z declines, we desire to plant a church that will capture the hearts and imaginations of the next generation.

Develop Future Church Leaders

As baby boomers prepare to retire, there is a great need in the church for a new wave of church leaders. We plan to be a hub for future leaders that aspire to reach a post-Christian culture. The end goal will be to train young leaders and future church planters, releasing them into multiple denominational streams to both plant and revitalize churches.

Serve the Church in Canada

We will focus on giving away the best resources we can to serve the wider church. We will accomplish this by developing training material for our local church and strategically leveraging the reach of CCLN (Canadian Christian Leadership Network) to distribute this content more widely through leadership gatherings, conferences and publishing.


About the City

Vancouver is the most densely populated city in Canada. It is also the most religiously unaffiliated city in North America. Nearly 50% of residents claim no religious belief, exceeding Portland, Oregon at 42% (the highest in the US). Not only that, Christian affiliation is shrinking at the rate of approximately 5% every 5 years in Vancouver.

On a brighter note, only a tiny fraction of those who state that they have no religion appear to completely reject it out of hand. There are only 3,770 self-declared “atheists” in Vancouver. This data suggests that there is a unique opportunity to introduce people to the life-giving message of Jesus.

Vancouver is also a broken and lonely city under the surface, particularly in the younger generation:

  • 50% of people under the age of 34 do not feel welcome or that they belong in their neighbourhoods.

  • 73% of people in Vancouver do not spend time with their neighbours.

  • 43% of people living in high-rise apartments do not know the first names of two or more of their neighbours.

Through the Gospel we are both reconciled to God and to others. To be a follower of Jesus is to participate in the family of God, which addresses the pervasive loneliness that plagues Vancouver. As such, the Gospel is truly good news for a deeply disconnected city.

The above are just two reasons, among many others, why we feel called, in partnership with other churches in the city, to plant a Word Centred, Spirit Driven, Mercy Minded, Community Creating, Church Multiplying movement in the Vancouver area.