Our Team

We will have a lead pastor team made up of Jason Ballard, Chris Price and Jeremy King. They will provide pastoral oversight for the church,  serving under the mentorship of other seasoned Christian leaders.


Jason & Rachael Ballard

Children Hudson, Mary, and Millie

Jason is a pastor at Christian Life Assembly. He has been in pastoral ministry for 10 years. His ministry experience has included extensive work with Alpha Canada and Alpha International. He was the Executive Producer of the Alpha Youth Series and a Global Ministry Ambassador for Alpha International. The Alpha Youth Series has been seen by 1.2 million young people around the world. Through his speaking ministry in Canada, and his work with Alpha Canada, Jason has developed a network of Canadian leaders who share the same heart to reach and disciple the upcoming generation into the way of Jesus.


Chris & Diandra Price

Children Kaeden and Mila

Chris has been a pastor for over 15 years, and Lead Pastor of a local church for 9 of those years. Chris is a gifted theologian, author and teacher, and brings lead pastoral experience and wisdom to our team. He is passionate about training and equipping the local church with resources to be effective disciples. He has authored several books and resources including: Radical Hope, YouVersion Bible reading guides and Everyday Apologetics.


Jeremy & Brie King

Jeremy is the pastor of young adults at Christian Life Assembly which gathers 300 Young Adults for a weekly service. Jeremy is a worship leader and songwriter. He has a passion for training up young leaders and he oversaw an internship program with 50+ interns over 6 years at Christian Life Assembly. Jeremy brings excellent pastoral experience and leadership development skills that result from being rooted in a local church serious about equipping and raising up young leaders.